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May 27th, 2018 | Time: 9am – 7pm | Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton St, London, W1W 5EE
(Nearest underground station Great Portland Street)

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  • Have you been using Facebook & LinkedIn for months or even years and still not seen any benefit for your business?

  • Have you recently seen a decline in your Facebook reach, due to Facebook’s latest changes to its Ads and algorithm – and are you ready to recapture your audience’s attention?

  • Are you ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, and generate top quality business leads FOR FREE?

  • Are you feeling frustrated by the ever-changing rules of Facebook and not sure how to maximise your marketing results?


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Our seminar will include live demos on the day that you can apply instantly for your business…

You’ll leave the event with a new in-depth knowledge of the number one social media channel and have a far better understanding of why Facebook will work for your business.

You will learn LIVE on the day how to find the right niche audiences for your business, how to target them using specific interests and road names. This will allow your business page to attract the right people.

Seminar Topics:

  • 7 Steps To Monetising Your Blogs in 2018

  • LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide

  • How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

  • How to Engage Prospects on LinkedIn: A 5-Step Plan for Better Leads

  • 7 Tips to Get More People Reading Your LinkedIn Posts

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Hosted by award-winning social media expert, platinum expert author and international speaker Sharon Callix and a line-up of top speakers. This inspiring seminar will give you the tools, insights and motivation to generate higher levels of social media success for your business!

Are you…

  • A solo entrepreneur, professional speaker or consultant who wants to build your brand and find a bigger audience on social media?

  • A small business owner or start up leader who wants to find better business leads?

  • A social media marketing professional or corporate marketing manager who wants to stay informed about the latest trends and effective tactics for finding business leads on social media?

If so, this seminar will give you powerful insights to boost your social media marketing results!

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This seminar will give you immediate, actionable ideas and tactics that you can put to work for your business and maximise your social media results – including:

  • How to find your targeted niche on Facebook

  • How to engage with Facebook fans using new features

  • How to use new 2018 Facebook tools to promote your business for FREE!

  • How to use Facebook Live’s new tools to reach maximum audiences in hours

  • How to NOT be afraid of the latest Facebook Ads changes – I can show you FREE strategies to get top quality leads

  • How to make money using Facebook Groups (for FREE!)

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You’ll leave this event with an in-depth knowledge of the Number 1 social media channel and a far better understanding of Why Facebook Will Work For Your Business!

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Sharon Callix is the Number 1 social media expert in the UK and an award-winning social media coach (named Social Media Coach of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants).

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs get bigger audiences on social media, become an authority in their niche, and learn how to make money using social media without having to spend money on advertising.

Read More About Sharon Callix
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APCTC Social Media Coach of the Year 2014


Des O’Connor is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and International Speaker. He produces and hosts SOLD-OUT Business Events on Social Media Marketing, Women in Business, and more!

His presentation will be launching his new programme
“Become an Expert in 90 Days”

Des O’Connor is an award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker who creates business experts. He helps new entrepreneurs build successful businesses while expanding their audiences as recognised experts in their field. He also helps established business owners expand their brands worldwide and sell products and services to global audiences.

Des utilises a proven business coaching method that includes:

  • Strategic brand consulting – finding your niche, understanding your mission and unique competitive advantages

  • Marketing – expanding your business to global audiences using online tools such as webinars

  • Social media management – using social media the right way to build your following and obtain high quality business leads

  • Digital products – make money while you sleep by selling digital products such as CDs, DVDs, MP4 videos, downloadable eBooks, and more

  • Professional speaking – promoting opportunities for business owners to speak on stage as professional speakers and become recognised experts

Des produces and hosts a series of sold-out live business seminars and online courses – such as his upcoming “Business Inspiration Weekend Conference” (April 2018). Des organises and promotes his business events in partnership with top experts in various professional fields, such as brand strategy, business coaching, social media marketing, investing – every event is an inspiring experience loaded with expertise and actionable insights to help your business get results.

In his work as a business coach and consultant, Des shows people how to use social media and online marketing tools to build relationships, deliver educational content, and create communities and networking opportunities. Des started his career as a relationship coach, and won the 2013 award for Relationship Coach of the Year from the Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).

Expanding on his work as a relationship-builder and community creator, Des has gone on to offer corporate training and business coaching and consulting in social media marketing and webinar marketing. Des is the first consultant in the UK to offer workshops and coaching on how to host live and automated webinars that expand audiences, find new customers and boost sales.

An in-demand guest speaker and media commentator, Des O’Connor has served as a seminar leader and presenter on social media marketing for UK business events such as Exposure Events business expos, the Business Growth Show, the Digital Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo, and the YES Group. Des has been a guest speaker for conferences in the U.S. and is planning another U.S. tour for later in 2018. He also works to bring professional speakers, coaches and consultants to the U.K. to present at conferences and engage in public speaking opportunities.


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How to use Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to Get Top Quality FREE Leads

  • Sunday 27th May 2018

  • Time: 9:30 Registration

  • Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton St, London, W1W 5EE (Nearest underground station Great Portland Street)

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